Computer Club have been working on creating an interactive fairy story.  We had the idea to write a story and somehow embed a couple of Micro:bits.  In the story the reader would be directed to “Press Button A” or “Press Button B” and then an image or a small animation would appear on the Micro:bit.

It took one whole Computer Club session to decide which story to use – eventually Isla won with her choice of the Princess and the Pea.  The students were then set the task of writing a shortened version of the story so that it would fit on just a couple of A4 pages.  Along with this Tom explored Publisher and found out how to add dropped caps to paragraphs and add borders to the page to make the story look like an old-fashioned story book.


Cardboard mounts for story sheets.

A fair bit of effort went into coding images for the Micro:bits so that we had crowns for the Prince, Princess, King and Queen plus a rather nice ‘fire’.

We needed a way to mount the pages so that we could embed the Micro:bits and luckily we found a large, strong cardboard box that seemed suitable.  We cut out rectangles to A4 size and then cut thin slices of card and layered them to create a ‘frame’ for the back of the card.  This would give us some depth and allow the Micro:bits and batteries to be safely housed.


A story sheet with holes cut

At Computer Club today the story sheets were finalised.  Holes for the Micro:bits were cut into the story sheets and then the sheets were stuck to the card and the holes cut through the card so that the Micro:bits could be ‘set’ into the card.   We’ll probably have to add some more cardboard to the ‘frames’ on the reverse to accommodate the battery packs, but that’s a relatively simple job which can be done at the end of the project.


Story sheet with embedded Micro:bit

Then we had a bit of an issue – how to get the Micro:bit to stay in place!  Hot glue seemed the obvious solution but we didn’t want to permanently fix the Micro:bit in place so, as a temporary measure, some strategic Blu Tack did the trick.  We also have a thin speaker which could be employed to play a tune – if we can compose something suitable.

We’ll have to get a wiggle on, next week is the deadline for getting this project finished so that we can share it with the rest of the school.  I’m hoping it will be fabulous and entertaining … …and demonstrate to the school how much fun we can have with Micro:bits – maybe drum up some more Computer Clubbers too!